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Setting a course of accelerated business growth for our partners

Practice Areas


Maximizing Operating Profits/Strategic Growth

For Navigator Corporate Advisors, Strategic Planning – Business Modeling, Budgeting, Risk Assessment, and KPI/ROI Targets – is one complete process.

Fractional CFO

Whether it is working with your bank or compliance with the SEC, small to mid-size companies often have complex changes in their business without the experience on staff to guide them.

Internal Audit

Navigator Corporate Advisors believes internal audit is about building a stronger company and improving processes to prevent errors and problems.

Turn Around Consulting

To turn a company losing money into a profitable one takes energy to understand the core business and properly identify causal factors in the business losses.


Sometimes bankruptcy is your best option.  Bankruptcy is a unique process in which you need good bankruptcy advice. 

Internal Controls

Internal Audit is for improving processes and preventing errors. Internal Control is for assurance against errors.  Forensic is for catching errors and worse, wrong doing.
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Setting a course of accelerated business growth for our partners


Navigator Corporate Advisors accurately ascertains your business position and builds upon that to provide strategic advice based on strong financial modeling, detail understanding of your operation, technical expertise and years of experience to navigate clients to long-term profitability and ongoing growth.


What We Provide:

Navigator Corporate Advisors specializes in corporate financial and strategic consulting to guide our clients through transition. Whether it is hyper growth, start-up companies, turnaround or acquisitions and mergers Navigator Corporate Advisors has experience vital to success.


We start by understanding our client’s business from the detail up. We do not rely on standard processes. By understanding your business model first, we are able to build a successful strategy for you and see you through the execution.


In addition, Navigator Corporate Advisor’s detail up approach is why we excel at other services. Bank audits, compliance reporting and internal controls as well as fraud and forensic investigations are all based on understanding at a detail level how a company operates first and proceeding from that basis.

Our Vision

Charting a course suited for your unique needs

No matter the industry, our consultants advise you on your business matters with a steady and well-crafted plan through both turbulent and calm waters.

The basic practices, principals and concepts are relatively similar across most business sectors. But of course, there does exist nuances and challenges between industries.


And ongoing disrupters, an ever-changing economy, market-instability and other factors impact a business operations in different ways.


We tackle every engagement with a clear vision, decisiveness, robust management and planning combined with a management style that is participatory and results driven…setting a critical course toward success.

As independent and objective advisors, we bring you a higher level of service, because your needs are what drives our work.

Key Business Sectors:

  • Medical/Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Tech

  • Network Security/Services

  • Distribution/Logistics

  • Automotive

Primary Services:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Modeling

  • SEC Reporting & Compliance

  • Private and Public Offerings

  • Hyper Growth Companies

  • Turn around consulting

  • Bankruptcy

  • Internal Audit

  • Fraud Investigations

  • Internal Controls

  • Due Diligence

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • High Risk funding

  • PO financing & Factoring

  • Private Investment


Todd Bartlett has more than 25 years of business experience with over 18 years as a director/officer with an outstanding record in strategic/business planning, increasing operating profits, internal controls and SEC compliance. He has a strong background in mergers/acquisition, corporate turn-around, auditing, and fraud investigation. In addition, he has success managing in bankruptcy and leading to a successful exit from chapter 11. Mr. Bartlett received his BA in economics from the University of Michigan, his MBA in Finance from the University of Detroit and has his CPA.  He has a continuous record of delivering profits to the bottom line while improving performance of the company.  His method of increasing profits is by increasing performance and efficiency not just a cost reduction campaign.  As a result, his projects build sustained profits for the long term.


Mr Bartlett started with 5 years of experience with Ford Motor Company.  He was hired into the Ford College Graduate program.  In this program he rotated to several positions reporting to both plant management and corporate headquarters.   After his rotations were complete, he was promoted into our special studies group.  The two main assignments were working on implementing a new production/ financial reporting system for our Maquiladora in Juarez, and the other was overseeing the financial reporting on a launch of a new plant in Queretaro, Mexico.

Mr. Bartlett gained international experience working as an internal auditor with Robert Bosch, worked closely with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany in working to resolve audit points we discovered at the plant locations.  The audit locations were at both the plant and division headquarters giving him experience from plant floor to impact to the corporate as a whole. 



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