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Internal Controls

Internal Audit is for improving processes and preventing errors. Internal Control is for assurance against errors.  Forensic is for catching errors and worse, wrong doing.  It is critical to protect the company.  Whether it is fraudulent behavior or a comment on your SEC audit, you need to protect the company from damage.  Navigator Corporate Advisors has extensive experience with Internal Controls.  We have years of experience reporting to the SEC. In addition, we have experience and training in forensic and fraud investigations. Committing fraud unfortunately is easy, and therefore difficult to prevent. However, there are ways to assess such risks and mechanisms to reduce the threat of fraudulent behavior. We look to uncover errors, wrong doing and other weaknesses with the primary goal being to detect and deter fraud.

Our Process:

  • Review of Policies & Procedures

  • Review of Internal Control Measures

  • Corrective Recommendations - Centralization, Authorization & Approvals, Segregation of duties, Documentation, Monitoring, Reconciliation

  • Full Recommendation Report & Management Action Plan to Correct Deficiencies

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