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Turn Around Consulting


To turn a company losing money into a profitable one takes energy to understand the core business and properly identify causal factors in the business losses. This is where solid financial and strategic consulting is needed. Similar to strategic planning, but with more specific targeted solutions.  In addition, the focus turns to cash flow, collateral and profits - in that order.  Profits are not a priority if you do not have cash to pay the bills.  We have experience working with troubled companies and know how to guide your company through this process.  If you have creditors or advisors telling you to just cut cost, then stop reading and contact us immediately.  Short term fixes can be a fatal flaw for your future.  They are worried about their money, not yours.

Our process:

  • In-depth analysis and historical audit

  • Operational improvement and process management

  • Business planning and internal controls

  • Financial restructuring

  • Human capital management and change management

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